Eye Wish Access is a not for profit Community Interest Company that offers Vision Awareness Training to enable organisations from the public, private and third sector the ability to provide accessible services to visually impaired 29 Eye Wishpeople.  Our trainers bring experience from working in banking, social work, higher and further education and many other industries.  They are also accredited and visually impaired themselves. This gives clients of Eye Wish Access an unrivalled hands on, practical training experience.


Our aim is to work with organisations to inform and support them in their journey to creating more accessible environments for visually impaired people.We don’t just help ‘tick the box’ of accessibility, we support organisations to put into practice the changes required to build the confidence and skills of their staff which will give customers an improved experience.  The training will allow organisations to take away practical knowledge of how to create an accessible workplace, offer clients improved access to public services and increase customer retention. Ultimately, the training is provided to help organisations, identify and break down the barriers to inclusion and to open up their services to everyone.

`The training has helped me a great deal with assisting visually impaired people. I now know the barriers they face travelling on the Metro.’

`I now know how to give visually inpaired people the information they need and to ask what assistance they need.’

`The training was very useful and insightful and showes a perspective from a visually impaired service users point of view.’

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