Client feedback

Vision Awareness Training is available to all industries, organisations and any size of business because no matter what the product or service on offer, visually impaired people should still be offered the opportunity to be a customer and work in almost all environments. Previous clients include Northumbria University, Tyne and Wear Metro and the NHS. The training has been diverse and most certainly rewarding for everyone who has been involved.

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Eye Wish Access has provided training workshops for students studying Social Work at Northumbria University for a number of years. These have always been well received by the students who consistently tell us how much they enjoy the sessions and, most importantly, how much they learned from their involvement.

Eye Wish Access are always keenly aware of the need to make the content and style of delivery both accessible and challenging. They also inject humour and manage to get the pace and tone of content spot on. I will be commissioning them to deliver more sessions this coming year due to their considerable expertise, their ability to engage students and the consistently high quality of their input.

 Guy Kirk, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Northumbria University


“I was fortunate to attend a workshop delivered by Eye Wish Access and found it to be a valuable and enjoyable experience.  So much of what we were taught about interacting with vision impaired people should have been common sense, yet I lost count of how many times I wondered why I had never thought of that before! An excellent workshop to attend., I recommend it to everyone.”

Sandra,  past student,  Masters Degree in Social Work, Northumbria University


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Eye Wish Access was approached to deliver training to Metro staff to give them more confidence in helping visually impaired passengers use the metro system. Through practical, hands on training the staff are now fully competent in helping and supporting passengers to use ticket machines, navigate the stations and be confident in approaching visually impaired passengers to offer help. Thus far we have trained about 80% of the Customer Service Advisors and it has had a huge positive effect on them. The benefit of having real practical experience which is bespoke to the Metro is something which we have never done before and would recommend to any would be clients. We look forward to continuing our relationship and as we introduce new ticket gates onto the network it will give contacts of Eye Wish an opportunity to work with ourselves”

Wayne Dixon, Head of Station Delivery  



“We have for years and will continue to use eye wish access training to deliver our visual awareness and access training to all our staff and volunteers. Their workshops are informative, accessible and practical, giving us the insight and tools to make real changes to offer a fully accessible service, skills from physically supporting and guiding someone to producing accessible literature. One of the key strengths of the training is the facilitators and team at Eye Wish, they are a very supportive and accommodating company who listen and tailor their training around your organisations specific needs and offering on-going help and support, be it re. courses, signposting or advice.”

Jay, Co-Ordinator


“When I worked in the City Library, Newcastle City Council, my colleagues and myself received some very interesting and informative training from Eye Wish Access.  At first I didn’t quite know what to expect but the trainers we really nice and friendly and made us understand how and what it feels like to have a visual impairment.   This informative training got me really interested and led me to help run an Audio Reading Group for Visually Impaired People at Ponteland Library,  Northumberland.   Thank you Eye Wish!”

Suki Noti, Librarian