Benefits to Business and Service Providers

Accessibility should be part of every organisation and when planning a website or any materials, considering accessibility from the start not only saves money, but increases brand satisfaction to customers.

  • Increased Market Share

There are an estimated 10 million people with long term or lifelong disability, of which about 2 million have sight loss. The number of people  with sight loss is set to increase dramatically in the future – it is predicted that by 2020 the number of people with sight loss will rise to over 2,250,000 and by 2050, the numbers will double to nearly four million. For many people with sight loss shopping can be problematic. However, many use computers, smartphones, and tablets. If your website and business are accessible to them, your organisation could be benefiting from a significant market  increase of customers.

Word of mouth spreads quickly if your site is easy to use and is accessible as forums are a great place for customers to spread the word of a great site.

  • Search Engine Friendly

Accessible websites are built to be machine readable therefore search engines find them particularly easy to ‘read’ and make your site more identifiable.

Identifying links, giving pages titles and images a useful heading all helps to give search engines a good idea of the context of your site making it easy to find for potential new customers.

  • Increased Loyalty

When a website is easy to navigate and provides clear, useful information, visitors are more likely to return and buy from you. By providing a simple and easy to use website gives all users a better experience, especially those that are using assistive technology as they are sometimes limited to the sites they can use, particularly those with online shopping facilities.

Vision Awareness Training is available for your staff from Eye Wish Access, get in touch to find out more about how your organisation can benefit from better accessibility